Experienced New York Attorney Protects Your Intellectual Property Rights

Skilled lawyer assists clients in the New York area with copyrights, trademarks, and infringement matters

Intellectual property (IP) is a broad term that describes creative works such as inventions, art, music, and literature as well as the symbols, names and images used by businesses in commerce. At The Law Offices of Diane Krausz Twitter, I am an experienced intellectual property attorney who helps clients in the New York area and throughout New York secure and protect the value of their creations through patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secret protections. I also handle IP infringement actions, whether your rights are being infringed or you are accused of being the infringing party. I understand the complexities of these cases and draw on extensive knowledge of IP law to represent your rights effectively.

Dedicated New York advocate helps inventors file and protect patents

A patent is granted by the U.S. Patent Office for a specific time period to register inventions and improvements that are novel and useful. I will conduct a thorough patent search to determine whether a similar design has already been registered. If your design appears to be unique, I can assist you in preparing your drawings and descriptions and file a detailed application. If another person or company attempts to infringe upon your patent rights, I pursue all available remedies to stop production and obtain compensation.

Thorough adviser assists with copyrights

You have an exclusive right to the work you produce when you put it into a tangible form, such as a book, photograph, musical composition, computer program or movie. Your work automatically gains federal copyright protection upon production. I can help you register your work with the U.S. Copyright Office to protect it from unauthorized use, reproduction or distribution and bring legal actions against those who violate your copyright protection.

Responsive law firm helps preserve your business's brand through trademarks

A trademark protects your commercial branding, logo, picture or design from use by others. Even use of a confusingly similar look, name or logo can constitute trademark infringement, when another entity tries to benefit from your IP and, in doing so, decrease its value to you. I can file your trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. If infringement occurs, I will seek an injunction to stop further use and sue the infringer for damages.

Experienced litigator safeguards your business’s trade secrets

A formula, recipe, method, process or plan distinctive to your business constitutes a trade secret. Trade secrets are intrinsic to the success of your company and give you a competitive edge. When these unique functions are revealed, your company’s value is compromised. I can help you protect your business through detailed nondisclosure agreements and by assisting with sound employment protocols. If an employee or outside party discloses protected information, I will work to minimize damage to your company and pursue your legal remedies.

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